Coach’s Database

Coach Database:  Upload frequently-used resources such as text material, forms, graphics such as charts, or illustrations in PDF format, as well as audio material in MP3 format into your Coach Database just one time.  Then whenever you want to deliver an item from your Database to any client during or after any session you merely click it into their Virtual Folder, and it appears for them to view, print, or download.   Your Database is private and only you can access it until you copy-click it into their Virtual Folder as a Recommended Resource.  Your Database is searchable from the keyword tags you create when you upload them.  You may remove or replace any resource you place in the Database when updates or revisions to a resource are needed.  Plus your clients can review and retrieve the resources you place there and eliminate the "I lost that document you sent me a couple weeks ago, can you send it again?" a time-waster from your practice.